Amazon Prime Day 2020: A Complete Analysis, Expected Deals, And Saving Tips

Amazon's e-commerce supremacy continues to grow amidst the Covid19. And Prime day in October may turn out to be a powerful strategy to turn leads into sales. The event typically takes place during summers but it was put on hold this year with little word of its return. But now the details about Amazon prime Day 2020 that avid shoppers have been holding back for are viral: Amazon Prime Day has been scheduled for two days, October 13th and 14th 2020.

What Is Amazon Prime Day? 

Amazon Prime Day first took place on July 15, 2015 to mark the 20 successful years of Amazon on cyberspace by Chief Executive Jeff Bezos. At its inception, Amazon Prime Day was indeed a day-long flash sale of tech and electronics, spanning nine countries, including the U.S., UK, Japan, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Austria, and Canada.  

It has been growing in the years since, and today, it has become one of the most significant global shopping events. Year, after year, the flash sales event- acts somewhat like Balck Friday that offers its customers unlimited access to great deals and slashing discounts on electronics, tech, and more. Amazon prime day has broken more than a few sales records in the past years.

Quick Stats About Amazon Prime Day

Amazon users bought more than 1.75 million articles in the 48-hours sale last year on the ground of, of course, the Amazon Prime Day. 

Last year, it emerged as the biggest shopping event in Amazon history.

Over 200,000 televisions, 300,000 headphones, 100,000 laptops, 350,000 luxury beauty products, and above one million toys were sold last year. 

When Is Amazon Prime Day 2020? 

Its official, Amazon Prime Day 2020, is set for Tuesday, October 13, and runs through Wednesday, October 14, 2020 after a few month's delay due to the global pandemic. 

Amazon reports the much anticipated 48-hour episode of sales will feature more than one million deals. 

Deals will last until they sell out. Ensure that you don't want to miss any markdowns on items you have had your eye on. You must make sure to set up a deal alert to notify you when it goes on sale. 

My suggestion for grabbing the best deals during Prime Day 2020 mostly involves sticking to your guns. 

Why Was Amazon Prime Day 2020 Moved?

According to a report, Amazon has moved Prime Day out of the summer and back to October to make a fall event. A possible reason behind this unexpected delay is not having enough inventory to meet shopper's demand. The closing of many factories and problems with its logistical operations has slowed down things significantly, thus pressuring Amazon to grant itself some extra time.

At first, Amazon Prime Day was moved to August. Later, Amazon moved it to September. 

Rumors have been swirling around about Amazon Prime Day for weeks now. At dawn on Monday, the e-commerce giant confirmed that the shopping holiday would be observed on October 13 and 14th. However, the shoppers don't need to wait until mid-October to score pre-Prime Day deals already available on several products and services right now.

This year, it pays to prep-literally. Amazon created multiple avenues for savvy shoppers nab bonus statement credits to be used during the event. 

Do You Need A Prime Account For Prime Day?

If you want to shop from Amazon's biggest sale of the year? You must be an Amazon Prime member to get access to great deals. The company's paid membership service unpacks a whole bunch of benefits for its members, including one-day free-shipping on millions of items. 

If you are looking forward to getting your hands on holiday gifts without committing, you should consider taking a 30-days free trial. It will give you all the benefits of full Prime membership for the trial duration, including access to faster shipping speeds, lightning deals, free returns, and so much more. 

How Amazon Prime Day Works?

You need to be an Amazon Prime member to get access to the great deals. You need to be on the ball to reap the rewards, though. 

The Amazon Prime deals are of two types:

1. Lightning deals, which are activated for a short period with limited stock. And last until the supply runs out.

2. The deals that last for a day or two.

New deals are released every five minutes, and most of them sell out quickly.  

What Deals To Expect In Prime Day 2020?

For the Prime Day 2020, we expect a massive push from Amazon's own products (like the Fire TV Stick, Echo Dot, and Alexa Voice Remote) to fleece fashion must-haves to the best-selling toys. 

The company has been selling the bulk of these for the past two years on a two-day period of Prime Day. It has given the major incentive to Amazon to do that again. 

Amazon Prime Day 2020 Deals

We have shortlisted a few of amazon prime day deals we think you will want to grab before it is too late.

1. Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Generation)

Prime Day is one of the best times of the year to splurge on Amazon devices. The Echo Dot is the popular pick that enables you to connect with Alexa, turn on lights in your home, play music, check the weather, and more. 

2. Orolay Women's Thickened Down Winter Coat

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The popular   'Amazon Coat' is another internet-famous fashion statement that has gained everyone's attention this Prime Day. It is perfect for layering in the colder months and has more than 7,000 reviews from Amazon shoppers that like the light-weight yet warmer feel. 

3. Fox Print Princess Castle

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This beautiful pop-up tent is very popular and portable, so they can bring imagination and fun with them on-the-go. You will witness plenty of discounts on top-rated kid's toys this Prime Day.

4. Tenergy Led Light Bulb 

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The Tenergy light bulbs are a perfect replacement for incandescent light bulbs. It has no breakable parts and is free of toxic chemicals that make them safe for your family and the environment.

5. Ray-Ban Classic Polarized Aviator Sunglasses

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Protect your eyes with style. The Aviator Sunglasses are superior unisex glasses with multiple lens and frame options. 

6. Siterlink Smoke Detector 

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The smoke alarm pack has a photoelectric technology to detect smoke. More sensitive to slow smoldering fires and light smoke. There is no need to worry, even in sleep.

7. Yosoo Automatic Infrared Sensor Faucet

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Touchless faucet is a water and money-saving choice. It is a cost-effective choice with high-end quality.

8. Ring Video Doorbell Pro

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It is a 1080p HD doorbell that lets you hear, see, and talk to people from your tablet, phone, and other selected Echo devices. It has privacy features such as customized audio privacy and privacy zones to focus on only what is relevant to you. 

There are many more deals in kitchen, clothing, and other stuff to discover in this mega sale event. They truly have something for everyone. 

How To Save On Amazon Prime Day?

It is the chance to save big on big-ticket items. Sale events throw a lot at you altogether, which is why it is important to shop strategically. Online retailers have adopted the gamification of shopping sprees with strategies like countdown clocks and Lightning deals. You need to play to win- be calm, use the websites that identify great value for you, and be alert of the pitfalls that may come across. So you shall emerge from Prime Day triumphant instead of looking for return policies. 

To help you prepare and find the best bargains on Amazon Prime Day 2020, we've gathered some tips and hints from last year's event:

1. Don't Delay For Better Deals

Coronavirus shipping delays are for real- why take a chance? Yes, you might find a better offer if you will wait until Black Friday. But this year is unpredictable, and the product might run out of stock. Or, if you find it, the product might not be shipped to you timely. If you find items you want and at the price you want, like kitchen gear or smart devices, better snap it up when you can. Is it worth saving 5% more to risk not getting at all?

2. Bloated Bundles

Like past years, everyone is anticipating exclusive bundle deals by Amazon and other stores. Bloated bundles that offer add-ons like smart plugs, gift cards, small smart speakers, and much more. Don't be taken in by a five-item bundle if you will use only three pieces of it. The value is a mirage unless you're going to go to the hassle of selling the additional goodies you received. Moreover, bundled gift cards are worthwhile if you like the retailer they are from, or they are beneficial, like a Visa Gift card.

3. Old, Cheap Tv's

Prime Day has been historically bursting with outstanding television deals. And it is almost sure that we will see them again. With Prime Day scheduled towards the end of the year, we recommend passing through the previous year's television deals. While big price drops might be enticing, they are often on no name or old TVs. But you'll be disappointed with the quality. Sticking to deals on 2020 models is highly recommended.

4. List Down Things Beforehand

The best trick to score most out of the sales is to make a list of things you are interested in purchasing before the sale happens. It will enable you to focus on the things you need or want without being diverted by flashy numbers. 

5. Stay Alert For Lightning Deals

Always keep an eye out for lightning deals as they are the primary source of the best bargain on Prime Day. Such deals can be found on the deal of the day page. Lightning deals are activated for a limited time or until the stock runs out. The best offers run out fast, and many such deals are posted throughout the day.

6. Turn On 1-Click Purchases

1-click settings let you streamline the amazing shopping experience. The item is automatically charged to the payment method and delivered to the prescribed address, with your 1-click settings. To switch it on, head to your Amazon account and choose the '1-click settings' link. From here, you can configure the shipping address and payment method. 

7. Don't Lose Hope If Something Runs Out

It is very disappointing when the one thing you have been eyeing for months goes on sale and runs out of stock quickly. However, if a product you have been looking for sells out or says '100% claimed' on Prime Day. We suggest you join the waiting list; you will be notified if it goes back on sale.

8. Keep Your Options Open

Not every brand will be on sale on Prime Day. There is a better chance to find a good deal if you keep your options open. For instance, the food factory you have been eyeing for long might not be on discount during Prime Day. But quite a similar model from a competitor might pop up. If it has plenty of positive reviews, an average rating, and serves your needs well, it is worth pulling the trigger on a good deal.

Final Verdict

Amazon deals never cease to amaze us; they have something for everyone with fairly decent discounts. So gear up, ahead of Amazon Prime Day, and score the most out of it.

The best deals are highlighted as they roll in, ahead of Amazon Prime Day. But the deals don't go live until the scheduled day. We recommend browsing deals beforehand to stay updated and to make your mind before the sale goes live. Additionally, to make the most of Prime Day, follow these tips and tricks. 

We are still in a dilemma if Amazon's Prime Day will amplify sales overall or absorb the budget reserved for Cyber Monday and Black Friday? The crucial timing will throw a cascade of deals that will last through December, making it more confusing as we all try to shore up our emergency savings.