Creative Ways To Celebrate Halloween Safely Amid Covid-19 Pandemic

This Halloween, there is one more monster sneaking around; coronavirus!

Halloween has not ghosted us yet. It is still a few weeks later. Though Halloween candies are hitting the shelves, we are still in the middle of a pandemic. So it should not be a little surprise that Halloween celebrations will be different this year. Many people are preparing safe trips for their children to ensure minimal contact. 

How To Celebrate Halloween During Covid-19?

If you are residing in a high-risk area, there are several ways you can celebrate Halloween at home! It would be best if you will be thoughtful and skillful to map out Halloween party activities for your kids. 

Countries throughout the world are regulating special rules and guidelines for this year. Halloween carnivals and haunted houses are banned this year. But don't lose hope! Still, we have a lot in our hands!

Simply with little innovation and the help of your little ghosts, you can make this day exceptional. 

Because the kids can not survive by just running around in the house with their masks on. It's their favorite occasion, and just like everyone, they want it to be festive, cheerful, and not to forget... Spooky! Everyone is wondering,

Will there be trick-or-treating costume parties?

All of your questions will be answered with time. In the meantime, we have compiled a list of tips to celebrate Halloween during covid 19.

Here are tips and tricks to keep your little ghosts happy this Halloween:

1. Organize A Candy Scavenger Hunt In Your House

You can have a candy scavenger hunt in your house or in the backyard. Hide candies, prizes, toys, or gift cards throughout the house. Now, send the kids on a scavenger hunt to discover all the sweets and prizes. It will make Halloween more adventurous for your kids. 

2. Dare Yourself With A Drive-Thru Haunted House

Haunted houses have a significant ghostly and mysterious feeling. To get your spook on in 2020, challenge yourself to a drive-thru haunted house at late hours. Drive-thru, contact-free Halloween experiences are making headlines lately. Search online for nearby 'haunted roads' or 'haunted houses' to experience the real fear this Halloween. 

3. Try Out A Drive-In Theatre This Halloween

Drive-in cinemas have made a significant comeback due to Covid19. Search for one near you! Many plan to screen spooky and scary movies to enthrall the viewers. Drive-in theatres ensure socially distant activities with unlimited entertainment. You can schedule this with your family and friends to make this day more fun. 

4. Head To A Pumpkin Patch

A pumpkin patch has unlimited pumpkins planted at a place. In the current times of pandemic, pumpkin patches are open but with safety measures. To ensure safety protocols, cashless payment, hand sanitizer, and masks are provided. 

5. Virtual Costume Parties

It is an exciting traditional occasion of the year for both kids and adults. The amazing Halloween party ideas include virtual costume parties. You can conduct online costume parties at zoom and make it more exciting. You can have costume competitions online by treating the winner with some gifts. Create a spooktacular playlist and play it in the background while letting your children shake their boo things and show off their costumes on camera. 

 6. Halloween Costume Ideas

 And there are several more innovative ideas. From turning into a clown, a giant pumpkin to a zombie or vampire. Whereas, trick-or-treating is a traditional Halloween costume for children and adults both. They travel from house to house and ask for candies with the phrase 'trick-or-treat.' 

But traditional home-to-home tricks should be avoided this Halloween. You can dress up in your favorite costume and get your spook on in a lot of other ways. Make sure to stay limited on a budget when shopping for Halloween

7. DIY Face Masks For Kids

Making face masks at home is more fun than buying from a shop. Wearing masks is mandatory; you can make a costume themed masks for children. For instance, if your  child is wearing a Spiderman costume; you can decorate his mask with a similar and spooky theme. 

8. Form A Candy Line

Social distancing is compulsory due to the pandemic. It is suggested to play trick-or-treating by wrapping each candy individually in the form of goodies. Children can form a line maintaining social distance, and pick up their goodies at the edge of the driveway or the edge of a yard. It is a modern risk-free activity.

If you plan to play, wash your hands with soap for 20 seconds before making goodies. And if you are sick, it is better you don't participate to avoid the virus's transmission.

Countless online ideas circulate to play treat-or-trick, forming a 'candy chute' with a 6-feet long cardboard tube to slide candy to the receiver. A small table stationed in front of the doorway with individual goodies for the children or a large hand-made spider web can be made to tap candies on it.

9. Set Up A Candy Graveyard

This unique idea will turn out extra cool, and your kids will definitely love it. Set up fake tombstones with candies and prizes piled up next to each headstone. To ensure social distancing, you can let one kid at a time inside the candy graveyard. An adult chaperon will be best to look after adult children to ensure safety protocols are followed. It is the best way to keep your little ghosts happy and gay.

10. Host Online Pumpkin Carving Contests

Zoom has turned out to be a lifesaver in quarantine. It has virtually connected everyone. Each attendee can safely craft pumpkins from your own homes. Keep interacting with each other by telling spooky stories while carving. In the end, reward the best-carved pumpkin with prizes through email. 

11. Attend A Trunk-Or-Treat

This is the most trending Halloween activity in 2020. Trunk-or-treat entails ornamented vehicles, and kids go from vehicle to vehicle for trick-or-treating. The best idea is to host it in your neighborhood, with everyone setting up their trucks or cars. P.S never leave your kids unattended during this activity; instead, assign an adult to keep an eye on them.

12. Lead Socially Distant Costume Bicycle Parades

Another trend that is rising this year is Halloween parades on the streets. The costume wearers perform on the streets to show off their costumes and hand out and collect candies. Full of life, people always find a way to celebrate. Halloween during covid 19 can also be celebrated with a full boom by decorating wagons, cars, bikes, and other vehicles. 

13. Boo Your People

No, it definitely doesn't mean ghosting your friends and neighbors. It is simply a way to spread anonymous cheer by dropping pumpkin or Halloween goodies on a loved one's doorstep. It is the safest and contact-free way to celebrate. It works well in the dark by ringing the bell, leaving the treat at the doorstep, and hiding. 

14. Enjoy A Halloween Movie Marathon

You can set this up by using a projector through Netflix with your family bubble on the couch. Pop some popcorn and watch spooky Halloween movies in the dark to feel the real essence of Halloween. Opt for the movies that start off light and sweet and end with creepy darkness. Which marathon you choose depends on what you prefer and how much you can handle.

However, Netflix also offers a free extension that enables you and your friend to watch movies simultaneously online. They can be enjoyed for an entire day, or you can split up and view out throughout the month.

15.   DIY Glow In The Dark Eggs

Egg hunts are not only for Easters. You can decorate Halloween themed eggs with your little ghosts to keep them busy and entertained. Add candy inside and embellish them spookily with stickers, markers, or glow sticks to make them glow in the dark. 

 16.  Whip Up DIY Treats Or Breakfast

Kick start your day with Halloween treats. Brew up Halloween sandwiches, desserts, and snacks to enjoy indoors. To make this more fun, have everyone get in a spooky costume and character and eat together. 

17.  DIY Halloween Décor Ideas

DIY Halloween party decoration ideas are more practical this year to keep your little ghouls and goblins at home and busy in the pandemic. There are unlimited ideas online to dress your porch with scary Halloween wreaths and door decors that will make Halloween celebration in quarantine more unique and festive. 

18. Make Festive And Fun Pinatas

Make a couple of pinatas, or you can either use store-bought pinatas and add one more element of excitement to this day. The little ones will enjoy their heart out while whacking Pinatas to get the reward inside.

It is possible to trick this year safely and with the safest Halloween celebration ideas. It is crucial to provide safety protocols to your families and communities and celebrate this traditional occasion with sanitizers and face masks. 

Halloween is the occasion that connects everyone. So get ready to become the ghostess with the mostess with giving tricks and become the talk of your neighborhood.