How To Find Cheap Car Rentals

When you are traveling in a different city or a country, having a car rental by your side brings a whole new level of satisfaction. Ticking down all the to-do list activities and planning seems so important when you are limited by time, and in these cases, cheap car rentals are the only way to depart from this problem. However, many people still prefer public transportation over cheap car hire, but a perfect set of wheels can give more convenience then you can imagine.

No matter what your hopes are for this weekend, renting a car can indeed be giving you some time to ease things up. But is budget an issue for you? Well, even if it's not, then who doesn't like to save some of their hard-earned money?

In this case, cheap car rentals can be your big-time savior! But when you are out in a new city and want to hire cheap rental cars, it will not be a cakewalk. And we are here to help you with that by explaining to you how you can find cheap rental cars.

1. Research Always Helps

Do you want a budget car rental? Then have you started searching for the best deals on car rentals yet? If not, then do it now! 

Research is the key to knowing everything about anything, and similar to other matters of your traveling, this one also needs your complete attention. If you try to explore the car rental companies and the cheap car rental booking sites in the city, you are visiting. It will help you to save more money while traveling than you can imagine.

With proper research, you can come across some cheap car rental deals online from which you can avail discounts on your bookings. Moreover, you can also explore some of their small entities that offer cheap car rentals services. Typically, they charge less than the big companies everyone drift towards.

2. Explore Aggregator Sites

While you are searching for cheap car rentals online, don't miss out on the Aggregator Sites. These platforms are developed to make things much easier for you. They narrow down all the offers and packages provided by major car rental companies and present them to you at a single spot.

Sometimes having dozen of options in front of you also confuse you in making the final decision. Plus, it consumes a lot of your time, and you would not want it while enjoying your trip if you are on it already!

But these aggregator sites allow you to get closer to the good deals on car rentals out there. So make sure you explore it before you finalize anything.

3. Avoid Holiday Bookings

We understand that usually, the holidays are the only time when you can go out on vacation. And booking cheap car rentals at that time of the year is just near to impossible. So we would recommend you to bring some flexibility in your schedules and avoid holiday car rentals bookings.

However, if holidays are the only time your vacations are possible, then we have one more option for you in our pockets. You can always conduct an early booking because, as per our personal experience, I have tried to look for the cheap rental cars near me in the holidays and failed. But our friend, on the other hand, got a chance to book cheap car rentals due to early bookings.

4. Join Rental Car Loyalty Programs

If you have ever tried the Avis car rentals or opt for the Hertz car rentals, you must know that some brands offer you a rental car loyalty program where you can become a member of their rental service and gain multiple benefits due to this.

These cheap car rentals offer you a variety of rewards over availing of their services. You can procure points and redeem them for free rentals. You can also get free of cost upgrades and a guarantee of vehicle availability because you become a priority to these companies. This opportunity can help you save money for a more extended period, and it is ideal to use it in your residential city. 

5. Compare Rental Rates

We already told you about the aggregator sites where you get a chance to see multiple car rental companies and their offer at a single platform. This also allows you to compare their prices and rental rates. The best part about reaching the costs is that most companies offer you a big discount if you find a similar package at a lower price. 

Now isn't this the best way to avail advantage of cheap car rentals?

Additionally, once you compare the rate of different offers, you will get a proper sense of charges that you can get from other brands and select the most suitable ones as per your convenience.

6. Settle for the Economy Car

It is as simple as it sounds! Economy cars are the cheapest among all, and there is no easier way to put it that if you avail of these cars, they will allow you to spend less than the other types. If you have joint a program or you are using that rental car service for a longer time, the companies tend to offer you an upgrade with their fancier cars. Don't get fooled!

These upgrades might come free at first, but it will never let you save the money you were saving while using the economy cars. But make sure that you don't stress yourself or your family just because you want to save money. If you have luggage and a few more people with you, try avoiding the economy or subcompact cars.

7. Don't Rent outside the Airport

It might seem like the most convenient activity where you can book a car right after you touch down to the ground and come out of the airport. But you must remember that there is a price to pay when you are availing of this facility, so if there is no yearn for money-saving at that point, you can feel free to enjoy your ride.

Whereas, if saving money is a priority, you won't have fun having the first ride in the city you just landed. Renting a car near the airport can be pretty expensive, but if your heavy luggage and you can walk away from the airport or reach another place, you can get a pocket-friendly car rental. 

8. Opt for Lesser-Known Sites

The more the hype a brand has, the more they charge, and it is not just applied to car rentals, but it is a general concept that everyone is now pretty okay with. However, there are some entities out there that might not have big names, but they charge low on their car rentals.  

Plus, entities like Costco car rentals and thrifty car rentals often come with some discount offers to increase their brand identity by time. So if you are searching for car rental booking sites and see an unfamiliar name, just try tapping into it and see what they have to offer. 

9. Keep an Eye on the Sneaky Fees

You might succeed in finding the best websites for car rentals and even get their low-cost services. But you will get the actual benefit when you do not compromise on the quality factor as well. There are car rental services that can charge you with the sneaky fees, and you will end up paying for something you haven't even used.

You should be aware of the tactics through which you can save yourself from getting into any trouble. For instance, you can take pictures of any dent or dings present on the car before taking it to the drive. So that when you return it, you can make sure that they don't charge you with any extra amount. Plus, make sure they don't add additional fees for music, AC, GPS, or any other facility. These things sometimes are not even needed while you are out and about.

10. Skipping Insurance? Great!

Have you already decided not to pay to take insurance for your car? Well done! Because after everything, people do to take advantage of the cheap car rental services, they tendto make a big mistake. And that is the insurance the rental cars. Then rental services try to use every ounce of their effort to convince you to get insurance, and they will even use the scare tactics to persuade you. But we can assure you that you will not need it in the first place.

But if you want to take insurance, you can always use your credit card to book your rental service. It will automatically cover your rental car into insurance. However, make sure that your credit card makes this facility eligible. Moreover, if you already own a car and have insurance cover it, your rental will come under its obligation. You can call your insurance agent to confirm this personally.

To Finalize

Getting cheap car rentals might seem hard initially, but if you have carefully gone through these pointers we have managed to collect for you, thigs can get pretty smooth. And you can enjoy your rental car services without any hesitation or stress.