How To Get The Best Hotel Deals?

Comfortable accommodation is probably the first thing that comes to mind when planning a vacation. However, luxury accommodation can seriously take your expense a notch higher, causing you to cut down on other fun activities that you have already planned for the holiday. And if you are someone who doesn't like to spend nights in a hostel or someone's couch, you can end spending quite a few bucks on hotel rooms. Yes, hotel rooms and resorts have their persona of comfort, but for this, we have to shell out more money to experience this. The better the hotel, the higher the cost. But you don't always need to unleash a bomb on spending on hotel bookings. 

Thankfully, some handy tips and tricks can help you in securing cheap hotel rooms. Be a little clever, and follow these tricks to save yourself some bucks.

1. Booking At The Eleventh Hour

Are you one of those who tend to make hotel bookings at the last moment, or one of those who prefer planning? Well, if you are a business traveler, then most probably you are the former. If you are not, you are unaware of the hotel price drops at the last hour.

 Sometimes it's a wise decision to book late. Hotels usually drop their rates at the last minute when some travelers cancel their bookings, and there are still some empty rooms available. Furthermore, apps like HotelTonight and many more can help you unveil a world of discounts. Such apps especially search for top-notch last-minute deals and discounts on hotel rooms, while loyalty members can access a secret prices segment within the HotelTonight app and get rooms during peak season and weekend for as low as $200. HotelTonight works in collaboration with over 15,000 hotels worldwide.

2. Use Hotel Search Engines

Before planning your most awaited vacation trip for this year, it is important to look down all the search engines and aggregator websites to grab the best deals. Hotel search engines are the best traveler tools that will indeed prove to be handy before you go ahead and pack your luggage. It is highly advisable to secure an excellent deal on hotel rooms by searching at websites such as Kayak and Hipmunk. Sites like Roomer list accommodations after late cancellations providing you rooms at much-discounted rates. Moreover, these deals help you travel with convenience, plus aids you find suitable hotel accommodation within your budget. Hence, If you plan for a budget-friendly summer vacation, never forget to use hotel search engines to enhance your traveling experience.

 3. Sign-Up For Hotel Price Alerts

Another tip for booking at a bargain is to sign up for price drop alerts on websites like Kayak and HotelsCombined. These websites hold the ground for a long time for their frequent and error-free monitoring of fluctuating prices and timely alerts or notifications. You get Email alerts upon signing up for a particular location and hotel. In this way, you can easily make a comparison of hotel prices by tracking them over time. It is a bonus when you want to steal the best deal for yourself. With the help of Google map and filters, go ahead and look for the best hotels in your desired location; make the selection according to your travel time and opt for the ones that are in close proximity to the central location.

Indeed, it is the simplest, fast, and easy way to monitor the hotel room prices. It also keeps you completely aware about your preferred room's price drop that ultimately helps you save your hard-earned money. 

4. Search For Coupon Codes

Coupon codes are fetched from hotel websites. Since hotels' scope of promotional efforts results in an upheaval increase in customer volume, business hotels often provide great deals by providing a hotel coupon. Search popular coupon websites for discounts on hotel rooms. The business gets slow during summers, which leads to lower prices. There's an excellent chance that you find a fantastic deal in a luxury hotel.

These coupon codes often provide free of charge services that help you save yourself quite a pretty good amount of money on your whole vacation. It makes traveling seamless and comfortable for visitors with multiple accommodation options, transport benefits, and tours.  

5. Snag An Upgrade

If you are hoping to hitch an upgrade, checking in towards the end of the day might be your answer. Since hotels have a better sense of occupancy by the end of the day, they are most likely to offer upgrades still available.

Similarly, opting for a corner gives you the benefit of square footage for the same price. And if you are set to upgrade to a corner room, it is suggested to be discreet and avoid asking at times when there are lots of visitors already waiting to be assisted at the front desk. 

 6. Instead Of Calling The 100 Reservation Numbers, Contact The Hotel Directly

Connecting directly to the hotel saves your time and helps you get the maximum of discounts. The reason for doing this is, the people working directly on the property have a greater authority and ability to entertain you with the maximum upgrade. Therefore, talking to the right person can help you get the best deals. 

Moreover, if you stay at a specific hotel regularly, it is suggested to maintain a friendly relation with it and booking directly can also sum up your perks.  

7. Look Out For Loyalty Programs And Membership Discounts

Before you plan your most awaited vacations, look out for hotel reward programs, Giftcards,  and membership discounts to grab great deals. Hotel loyalty programs can be a perfect way to earn free nights, distinctly if you qualify for elite status. It may also include upgrades to expensive rooms, the gateway to special lounges, complimentary free WiFi, and even free stay.

Treat yourself with attractive deals and reward programs. Hotel websites offer loyalty points, while third-party booking websites provide membership discounts to travelers. One-time sign up can get you immense benefits. Some booking websites that you can sign-up for membership discounts are, Expedia, and There are some other non-hotel/non-booking site memberships too that can help you to save on lodging. Traveling organizations like AAA/CAA provide hotel deals for members. 

 Hence, you are leaving money on the table and missing out on the most amazing discounts if you are not booking through hotel reward programs. For example, you are loyal members of who can offer one-night free when they book a ten-night stay. These ten nights can be mixed and matched in different locations. 

8. Priceline Helps You In Grabbing Last Minute Deals

If you have no specific preferences regarding hotel rooms, you can check out Priceline's Express Deals. These are last-minute hotel deals that can save you many bucks. It is beneficial in narrowing down options on those opaque booking sites. Priceline offers dozens of promising deals and discounts for hotel rooms; just a few clicks can save you pretty good value of money.  

Priceline solely focuses on offering low prices through its opaque tool: 'Express deals' The key objective that distinguishes Priceline from its competitors is its 'opaque booking tools.' If you are willing to be flexible with your hotel and room choices, you might be able to snag a deep discount.

The process of booking a hotel through Priceline is straightforward. You have to insert your essentials and requirements, and several discount deals appear on your screen. You can also use filters for star rating, price range, neighborhood, amenities, and hotel brand. You can search for a specific property, too, if you have one in mind. 

 9. Keep An Eye For New Properties

Prices are usually lower at newly opened hotels and accommodations. The reason is that new properties are looking to increase business and spreading the word out about their business. If you happen to find out about such a property, then benefit from this golden chance.

 10. Mystery Deals

If you really want to save some bucks, you need to book with sites that offer 'mystery deals.' Booking a mystery deal will let you save as much as 60 percent on the room's regular price. Mystery hotel rooms are unsold hotel rooms that are later sold at reduced prices. These often belong to luxurious hotels that do not want any rooms left empty and use these mystery deals as an alternative to sell the excess. 

But the catch here is that hotels choose to keep these deals a secret. These rooms are sold on specific booking sites, and the hotels to which they belong are not revealed. This information is only provided upon payment.

There are also last-hour timeshare rental deals offered at a lower price by private owners who cannot use their week in a given year at their resort. They often sell such deals so they can make enough money to cover their annual maintenance expense.

 11. Think About Business Hotels

Business hotels were initially used on work-related trips. Still, due to their solace and the reasonable rate, they are used more and more frequently by visitors from overseas and domestic travelers as well. 

You don't necessarily have to stay at a resort to enjoy your vacation. If you are traveling on a budget, consider business hotels that usually cater to people that visit for business purposes. These hotels are located at center points and provide easy access to neighboring stations, and offer cheap accommodation during weekends when business is low. 

While business hotels may not provide the extravagance and luxuries of well-established hotels and international hotel chains, the staff are courteous and well-behaved. You can relax during your stay.

12. Mention When It's A Special Occasion

Whether it's your anniversary, birthday, honeymoon, or your first time at a hotel, it never hurts to mention that you chose this place to celebrate your special occasion. Sometimes it can lead to amenity kits, a plethora of discounts, and special treatment that makes your stay all the more special.

13. Refer Your Friends

Hotels appreciate referrals that help make the goodwill, for which the guests are often rewarded with discounts and bonus points. 

Marriott rewards its guests with up to 50,000 bonus points for referrals and 10,000 bonus points for free to the referred friends. Similarly, websites like stayful also reward its guests with $25 off each time you refer a friend. 

14. Follow Up If There Are Any Problems With Your Stay

The goodwill of any hotel is significant for its business and progress. Therefore, the staff would do anything for the goodwill of their hotel. 

Often, issues like untidiness, noisy neighbors, or messy rooms can spoil your hotel experience. If anything like this happens, it is advisable to speak up! It could result in an upgrade for the rest of your stay, a voucher for the lunch buffet, or a credit to your account as compensation for your inconvenience.

Lastly, learn the art of negotiating and haggle your way to the best deal. As echoed in our post, comfort and convenience are the essences of a good vacation. These tips and tricks can help you score the best deals. Therefore, one should plan cleverly and follow these nifty tips to save some major bucks and enjoy the trip guilt-free.