How To Get Free Baby Stuff In 2020

If a precious new member of your family is soon arriving, then you must be thrilled. Having a baby brings you joy, feels like a blessing and makes you eligible for getting tons of free baby supplies.

Yes, you heard it right!

You can get free baby stuff if you are expecting or have just been blessed with a precious soul. We all know that when you have a baby, your budget gets tighter. Moreover, it is hard to get baby stuff because it is always too expensive. 

However, you can enjoy your particular time with free baby stuff without being worried about the financial burden. We understand that it gets a bit complex when you search for baby freebies, and not every information present on the internet is reliable. Therefore, we have shortlisted some of the fantastic free offers provided by different prominent brands.

1. Complete Baby Registries

The first step toward gaining the massive opportunity of having baby freebies start with registries. If you are expecting and have not signed up for any one of the different brands' registries, what are you waiting for?

Many big brands offer free baby gifts in the form of baby registries. You can join Target baby registry, Walmart baby registry, and Amazon baby registry to list all your favorite stuff that you are planning to buy for your baby. These registries come with loads of perks, which include:

Offers of discounts and coupon codes.

You get extended return windows for products you purchased from the registry.

Free Boxes filled with free baby samples and discount vouchers.

Allow friends and family to pitch in from the group gifting options.

Universal access to products from different retailers.

2. Get Free Baby Boxes

Many big brands offer free baby boxes. Everything from wipes, diapers, clothes, formulas, and much more are present in these boxes. However, there are productive ways through which you can have access to those boxes of joy.

Here are some brands that offer some fantastic baby boxes that can provide you with a variety of free baby stuff.


Amazon provides easy access for their Free Baby Welcome Box to moms and dads who have filled out the Amazon Baby Registry. As soon as the baby registry reaches the $10 threshold, you can check your status and press the 'Redeem link' button. This will lead you towards receiving the Free Baby Stuff through Welcome Box right away and several amazon baby free stuff.


PinchMe offers this fantastic box that is filled with tons of best free baby samples. And this is not even the most incredible part! If you are a new mom and yield for free baby stuff and products, you must go for it. They give away this baby box every month and only with a simple requirement for you to sign up, and that is also without any cost.


With Enfamil, you can get up to $400 worth of free baby stuff and samples. They only eligibility requirement is that you have to be either expecting a baby or have one less than three months old if that's you, then congratulations! 


Walmart is one of the most reliable platforms, and here you can get a FREE Baby Welcome box that is valued at $40 and is available for free shipping. It contains a variety of freebies and samples. You can sign up for their registry to become eligible for this free baby box. 


Target gives you a chance to avail of their Welcome Kit with $100 worth of coupons, freebies, and samples. You have to create a registry, and you can pick your free box from your nearest Target store to get baby stuff target.

3. Ask Doctor For Free Samples

This seems like a desperate move, but trust us, it is not!

There are many manufacturers and brands out there who use this practice in their marketing strategy. They provide free baby samples to the doctors, and they know that the doctors will render those items to their patients. This tactic is used to amplify their brand identity, make it more substantial and credible.

So if you are hesitant to ask your doctor, you might miss the chance to get free baby stuff. The best pattern would be to go for it and ask the doctors for some free baby samples.

4. Have A Baby Shower

If you want to gather in some free stuff for your baby, you can arrange a baby shower. It is a perfect way to celebrate your child's new arrival, and you also get heaps of free baby stuff in the form of gifts.

You are not even required to purchase anything, but before you do that, make sure you send the registry list to their guest not to end up buying the unnecessary stuff. Plus, it will also minimize duplicates.

5. Breastfeed Your Baby

If you plan to skip this painful procedure and get right to the baby formulas, we won't stop you. But there is a good part of it as well, and we think you shouldn't ignore them.

Apart from some health benefits, you can enjoy FREE breastfeeding products offered by many brands out there. This will surely help you through the few initial months, and the financial burdens will reduce. 

Here are some of the commodities that you can get for free while you are breastfeeding your infant.

Breast Pads

Among other brands, you can visit and use 'SHOPHER1” as your coupon code. You will be able to get free baby samples of Nursing Pads just by paying for the shipping cost.

Breast Pump

Have you ever considered using your insurance as a benefit to get free stuff? Well, now you can! You can show your insurance details to Aeroflow, and you will get a free breast pump.

Nursing Bracelets

Nursing Bracelets are a must to have when you have a born baby. Through this, you can rapidly detect the breast was last used for feeding. You can get these bracelets for free from the Milk Bands brand. Just pay a small shipping amount, and you can avail 5 of these fantastic Free Nursing Bracelets.

6. Seek For Employer Benefits

If you are a wage-earner mom, then this tactic can work in your favor. There must be some employee benefits added to your company policy. Then you can check if they offer any discount or allowance for daycare services. If it is not mentioned there, simply ask your employer to overview the scenario. And look if there is any possibility of such a facility.

In most companies, moms are given free baby stuff such as nursing products, baby books, or maybe some diapers. It solely depends on the type of office you are working for. Plus, these facilities come from the employer insurance provider, so there is a chance that you can also be able to vail these advantages from your workplace and save some of your hard-earned money. 

7. Signup For Free Mom And Baby Classes

When you want to do things the right way, you try to involve yourself in different activates that are better for both you and your baby. This also includes some mom and baby yoga or baby swim classes that provide you a refreshing direction to start your life with the correct method.

These subscriptions and classes don't come easy on the pockets, and you have to pay a certain high amount to enroll yourself. However, have you ever thought that there could be some free options available for you somewhere?

Many places organized free activates for parents and babies at the library, churches, and local community events. You can be going moms groups on Facebook and follow your local community Instagram pages to get the heads up for these kinds of things.

8. Check FREE Section At Yard Sales

Yard sales are the best way to get cheap baby items. Especially when you are out of budget, you can always stop by the nearest yard sale, and you will be able to find a variety of things of babies available at the lowest rates.

If you don't know any nearest place, you can always search on google by typing for your local areas' yard sale or garage sale. The most exciting thing about the yard sale is that when it is about to end, typically around 2-3 pm, you can get free baby stuff. So try this technique out and save more money by getting free baby stuff.

9. Borrow Items From Family And Friends

The final and the easiest way to get free stuff is to ask! Ask from your friends, family, or other relatives who recently had kids. Borrow items for free because there is a chance they don't even need to use it anymore. So they might hand it over to you.

However, if you feel uncomfortable asking them, you can pay for those items because you can get a massive price cut off when you get something from a person you know. So either way, you have an advantage.

Unlimited FREEBIES!

These tips and methods on how to get free baby stuff in 2020 can be beneficial to you in saving money when you have a baby. Just keep exploring your options and try every possible way to get the baby stuff for free.

For More free stuff, stay updated to our freebies section, so you can get your hands on free stuff esily.

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