Buying Best Longboards For Beginners- The Ultimate Guide

Skateboarding is a thrilling sport that has been evolved from an idyllic child's pastime to a global youth marvel. The electrifying sport is now making a lucrative multi-billion-dollar market for skateboarding gear. Every individual with an athletic pursuit is thinking about buying a skateboard to cruise around. But if you are a novice in this sport, you need a beginner longboard to start with. This ultimate guide is brimming with enthralling features of the best beginner longboards with some pros and cons and some ideas to buying the kind of skateboards. After reading this article, you will come up with some quality picks for your next thrilling skateboarding adventure. 

Best Beginner Longboards 

Next, to discuss, 10 best beginner longboards that we handpicked for you based on their quality, durability, and stimulating user-experience.

a. White Wave Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Complete

If you are an amateur and looking for a relaxing cruise, this longboard is perfect for you. The natural maple and bamboo layers and the warrior finish on the deck make the board more enchanting.

It is the best beginner longboard that grips nicely and carries a smoother ride. 

Why Is This A Top Pick?

The board has a polished finish and uses carbon steel axles along with aluminum trucks. The deck is lovely and sturdy, with a light spring attached to it. Even if you are a 300lbs man, you won't have to fear of snapping through the board. The trucks are beautiful, and you can easily shape them without any looseness. The Hellion 2 bearings are noiseless and roll smoothly on any surface. You won't feel any resistance from the bearings when you shove off. Overall, this product offers a durable gripping, robust heat transferred graphics and ultra-rich rebound bushings, which is perfect for smooth rolling. 


  • Sturdy and smooth
  • Effortlessly roll over small gravel patches
  • Provide Strong grip while cruising
  • Multiple layers of Canadian Maple and Bamboo 
  • 180 mm (7 inches) aluminum trucks 


  • It doesn't allow you to do tricks or hop curbs.
  • Not ideal for downhill power-slide as it requires a harder wheel. 

b. Magneto 44-Inch Kicktail Cruiser Longboard Skateboard  

The Kicktail Cruiser is the best beginner longboard that makes you feel like a pro while voyaging around town. It is by far an excellent option for someone who wishes to get into longboarding. The flexible and sleek deck helps you glide around smoothly and securely.

Cruise in elegance even over the rough terrains because it delivers extra grip during turning and whirling. 

Why Is This A Top Pick?

This longboard is one of a kind and ideal for multiple ride styles. You can dance, twist, or cruise in freestyle; kicktail cruiser allows you to do what your heart says. Bamboo and a maple core on the deck provide strength and are flexible enough to offer an enjoyable ride. The deck looks large but isn't heavy. The wheels are nice, and much softer. Overall, it provides awesome value for money,


  • Bamboo and Maple deck 
  • 44-inch Longboard Skateboard
  • Widespread wheel side to side
  • Soft 70mmx51mm Urethane wheels in attractive red color 
  • Flawless sand grit finish
  • Deliver perfect grip for the feet while gliding around the streets 
  • Super functional and adjust according to any riding style 


  • Bearings are not nice. It will make the wheel to spin either faster or shorter 

c. RIMABLE Drop-Through Longboard (41-Inch)

Ride on this drop through longboard that rolls nicely and help you cover a nice distance with just one kick. Whether it is a concrete beach walk and the streets, this longboard is stable and maintains the grip along the ride. 

If you are an intermediate rider, this is the perfect cruiser for you. 

Why Is This A Top Pick?

Easily go over bumps in the sidewalk, and gives greater response when leaning on the board. It delivers all the perks of a standard drop-through with maximum stability and safety. Its top-mount board trips like a surfboard on the water with progressive turning. While the wooden part of the board is flexible and offers a huge amount of flex, particularly on the edges, the board is indeed an excellent choice for down hilling as it delivers optimum stability.


  • Excellent grip, and control and leaves no ride vibration on your feet
  • Freeride Shape longboard
  • Drop Through 7inch 180 ALUMINIUM TRUCK
  • Smooth Bearing with high-speed lubricant
  • Flawless ground clearance even on firm turns.
  •  No wheel bite, Smooth ride 
  • Gives a better response when sloping 
  • Long wheelbase


  • Not perfect for sliding because of a large contact patch.
  • Bushings are slightly stiffer and may wear out quickly. 
  • May sag excessively for people over 180 lbs as it is very flexible. 

d. Slendor Longboard Skateboard 42-Inch Drop Through Deck 

Fuel your passion for skateboarding with this fast and stable Slendor Longboard. It is the best beginner longboard with enough agility to get around smoothly even with linear turning and easy pushing. The wheels and bearings are on the harder side of the longboard and are perfectly balanced. You don't have to question the stability while gliding around.

Why Is This A Top Pick?

If someone is looking for a standard drop-through with a tighter turning radius, this Slendor longboard skateboard has the element. It has a low deck height for relaxed pushing and 70mm PU wheels for a Cadillac smooth ride. Genuine aluminum alloy trucks, chrome steel bearings, and carbon steel bolts are enough to make it a show-stopper. 

In short, it is an excellent mix of stability, comfort, and functionality.


  • Durable 70x51mm 85A PU soft wheels with rock finish. 
  • Effective cushioning enhances the skateboarding experience with optimum comfort.
  • Made for speed, freestyle, and downhill riding
  • It has a wide turning radius, and equally ideal suitable for all age sports fanatics.
  • Ultra-low rolling resistance
  • Bring more fun, better for the environment, and a game-changer.
  • High-speed chrome steel bearings


  • Not ideal for long and extended hills.
  • The deck delivers a slight tilt, so you have to tighten the trucks to keep yourself from falling off when pushing.

 e. B BAIJIAWEI Drop Through Longboard - 41 Inch Maple Skateboard 

Drop through B Baijiawei longboard is the one you have been eyeing for a long time. It delivers maximum stability, ease of pushing, and ideal for long-distance riding. 

It is geared up with stable and sturdy 8ply hardwood maple deck, high rebound, and great speed bearings. Glide around the streets and on the beachside with your longboard by your side. 

Why Is This A Top Pick?

The longboard has a full deck, which provides a decent space to move during the ride. High-rebound, wheels made with good elasticity which provide optimal control and stability while cruising. It has some alluring graphics on the deck in attractive colors, which look like pretty much hydrographic. It has a heat transfer on one side and complete exposure grip tape on the other. While the trucks have coned bushings to deliver comfort throughout the voyage. Overall, it will deliver a 10/10 skateboarding experience for sure.


  • Absolute Skateboard for carving, downhill, and freestyle riding
  • It has ultra-strong and durable 8-ply hardwood maple deck
  • Can carry the load up to 220lbs
  • lightweight aluminum tuck and base with a glossy finish
  • Super smooth, soft wheels with swift speed bearings
  • Deliver a seamless cruising experience because of the shock absorb ring


  • No kick up at tail or nose, so beware of doing any tricks or ollies. 

f. Volador 40-inch Maple Longboard

If you are a beginner and also wish you enjoy a joyful and smooth commute, Volador maple longboard has that spark.

The longboard is a no-brainer in the skateboarding arena designed to steal hearts at first instinct. Now, experience a powerful paddling and swift acceleration with utmost flexibility and comfort while riding. 

Why Is This A Top Pick?

It is a basic cruiser with the deck manufactured from 100% pure maple deck. The epoxy glue and the hardrock maple make it sturdy enough to handle the weight of riders. The bearings are smooth and allow you to enjoy an unprecedented plain trip. The longboard has impressive graphics on the deck that bring them to the limelight. Top materials are used in the hardware, such as genuine aluminum, carbon steel bolts, alloy trucks, and chrome steel bearings. You can fully explore the longboard's potential with its robust components.  


  • A 32-Inch wheelbase and a spacious 9-Inch width deck make this longboard ideal for long and comfortable rides.
  • Tight trucks give the board a powerful paddle
  • Its turning precision and responsiveness standby for all riding excursion
  • A good size 40-inch board gives enough space to the rider
  • The deck is pretty much flexible without having you feeling unstable 
  • Soft wheels bring a smooth glide on the pathways.


  •  Bearings may not come up with your expectations

g. VOLADOR 42-Inch Freeride Longboard Complete Cruiser 

Look at this artisan-inspired longboard that speaks of the quality it delivers through its structure. It is equally ideal for a pro skater or an amateur. 

A lot of beginners have endorsed this freeride longboard for its optimum functionality and durability.

Why Is This A Top Pick?

It is a reasonable and best longboard for beginners that are well constructed with beautiful and lightweight deck. A very good commuter board made of high-quality material with an accessible turn radius. The 42-inch drop-through deck provides shock absorber and wonderful flex. Overall, it is one of the finest performing decks that will elevate your riding experience.


  • Sturdy board at affordable price
  • The camber concave is made deeper to offer optimal control and grip while cruising, and performing tricks.
  • reverse kingpin trucks are adjustable enough to bring you great maneuverability
  • Genuine aluminum, durable wheels, and robust bearings allow you to enjoy a smooth voyage.
  • Striking, vintage graphics are used over the deck for unconventional looks
  • Large wheels to offer a comfortable, great ride even over large cracks, grits, and rocks
  • The grip tape at the top of the board saves you from slip off and crack your head open


  • Trucks may not provide the complete grasp and cause the deck to tilt, so be careful.

Things To Consider Before Buying Beginner Longboards

Excited about picking up one of the longboards discussed above? Before buying, consider a few things that can help you purchase the best board that will suit you. 

Purchasing a longboard can be overwhelming, especially if you are a beginner. All longboards have some key features, as discussed above, but which board will be ideal according to your height and weight? Take a sneak peek of the things to consider before adding the best beginner longboard to your cart.

1. Look At The Deck Style

Since the deck of your longboard is the foundation on which you stand and ride, it out to be sturdy. The deck style of longboards should be the primary focus while buying as it defines its stability. You can quickly brake and push on a flat surface if the deck style is ideal. The lower the longboard, the optimal stability it delivers. 

2. Pick Up According To Your Riding Style 

Longboarding has multiple rider styles, and it is vital to know which kind of rider you are. As each style has its own unique requirements look at the longboard description if it matches your riding styles. The longboards discussed are suitable for different riders. For example, freestyle, carving slopes and ripping through long hills and distances. If you are a pro, you can try freeriding. But, if you are a novice, stay with the basics and get the longboard that offers relaxed smooth rides.

3. See Longboard Shapes 

After reading the recommendations for the best longboard for the beginner as described above, you might have noticed that not all the longboards have the same shape. Longboards come in two shapes, including symmetrical(twin) or directional. Directional cruisers are swift and glide along the pathways fast forward. If you are a pro skater, love to hop and flip, enjoy downhill or freestyle rides, directional cruisers will be your best bet. On the other side, Twin longboards are specifically for freestyle riders.

4. Longboard Flex Also Matters

The longboard flex has different components, and you have noticed it in all the products, as discussed above. These include laminates, length, material, and the amount of concave. These factors are different in each flex, and the composition of these factors differentiate each type of flex. You will find a soft, medium, and stiff flex in all longboards. The soft flex is ideal for mellow cruising and board tricks; medium flex is perfect for commuting, carving, and easy cruising. And if you are a professional freestyle rider who loves to bomb hills recklessly, the stiff board will be the best choice for you.

Additional Information

Why Are Longboards Faster Than Skateboards?

Longboards are agile an easier to go for long rides because they use faster bearings. They are specially manufactured with the idea of turning and smoothly cruising swiftly overextended pathways and downhills. While skateboards are smaller than longboards and have harder wheels that do not offer a smooth ride, you can still do tricks with skateboard and rush it.

When Do Longboards Go On Sale?

There is not any particular time of sale apart from the Giant black Friday sale when you can expect great deals. Most of the retailers offer seasonal discounts on longboards, which you can check out by frequently visiting their website. 

What Are Longboards Good For?

Longboards are good for a longer commute, cruising, and downhill racing. A rider usually tries freestyle or cruising around town, or hoping or whirling, down the hills. 

How To Stop On A Longboard?

If you're cruising on the plain surface at comparatively low speed, just stop pushing and let the friction slow you down. Or if you are accelerating at speed, simply hop off your board.


Longboarding is undoubtedly a fun sport that can be a good commute for your college or other long-distance daily tasks. But whenever you choose a longboard, make sure you consider the things described above. Whenever you ride your longboards, make sure to wear necessary safety gear, including your helmet, knee and elbow pads, etc. Once you glide along the streets and accelerate it, maintain the balance to avoid tumbling. This sums up our ultimate buying guide for skateboarding, and hopefully, this information helped you select a longboard for yourself. Now, go and shred the passages in town.