Pro Money Saving Tips For Travelling

If you`re a fan of outdoor traveling life, whether it`s camping, hiking, backpacking, or even vacationing, you know you need to set aside a certain budget to maximize your trip. You will need money to buy food, supplies, equipment, and other essentials, and most of the time it all comes down to one large sum. If you`re on a tight budget, keep these tips in mind when saving on the go:

Find destinations with favorable exchange rates

If you are considering a trip abroad, your first step is to find destinations with favorable exchange rates, that is, where local currencies are weak against the US dollar. Look for countries that are experiencing momentary political or economic instability, a condition that often puts downward pressure on monetary values.

Set a goal

Do you have a distant place in mind? Once you have determined your destination, research the price of tickets, accommodation, food costs, etc. to help you determine how much you should save for your trip. Once you have a goal, it will be much easier to start saving! Being able to reach your goal also gives you a feeling of satisfaction like no other.

Compare flights and airlines

Remember that the cost of a flight can vary greatly, depending on when and how you buy it. Check flight comparison websites for a good deal. If you are booking through one of these sites, be sure to read the fine print. Your exchange / cancellation policies may not be as flexible as you need them and may cost you more than you save.

Sign up for a cheap flight newsletter

If it is not set up in a specific destination, subscribe to a low cost flight newsletter that offers very low cost flight deals to different destinations. Each offer indicates what you can expect to pay for the cheap flight compared to the normal price range, as well as a brief description of what you must do to obtain the transaction, and the travel date ranges during which it is likely to apply.

Look for free activities

If you do a little research, you will find that there are often plenty of free activities in the area. Look at the community calendars to see what happens in the city while you`re there. Take a self-guided walking tour to familiarize yourself with your destination.

Choose a cheaper place

If you`re on a tight budget for your next camping adventure, don`t pick a camp that charges out of your budget, especially if you stay more than a few nights. Consider camping in a more remote location or in the national forests which are generally free, unless otherwise noted, but these sites generally don`t offer many amenities, so be prepared.

Use a cash back website when booking

Booking aggregator commissions are essential to know for another cause: they unlock the door to remarkable point of savings or cash back on your booking. The secret lies in the money-back sites or browser plugins that link to booking sites and aggregators. These tools collect a part of the booking commission, again, up to 15% in some cases. They bag a portion of this portion and route the rest to users in the form of refunds or instant refunds. It is not irrational to expect a return of 5% to 7% on the deal.

Remember to camp near you

If you have already budget your camp costs, consider choosing a good site near you. This will save you many other expenses, like food the further away your camp is, the more you will stop to eat.

Take public transportation

This is particularly ideal for single campers or even couples. Taking a bus or train to your outdoor destination is an adventure in itself and can save you money on gas. You will also be fine and ready to enjoy the outdoors because you are not tired of driving. Don`t forget to bring light!

Be flexible in flight

If you don`t have a tight schedule, can you be flexible with the time of day, the number of stops, or your seat selection? Do you mind having a long scale? If possible, check your travel dates and see if the price would drop if you adjust the dates a bit.

Reduce or eliminate the use of your car

In the world, it is almost impossible to live without a any car or vehicle unless you live in the big cities or truly enjoy long-distance cycling. Our distances are too far from each other and we don`t have great public transportation! The easiest way to cut down on the use of your car is to sell it, but this is only possible if you are about to take a long-term trip. Online rental websites are great options for sharing the commute if you have to travel long distances.

Join the travel loyalty programs

Even if you don`t have a matching credit card, it`s never difficult to join specific travel merchant loyalty programs. It`s almost always free, and the reward is compelling: free or discounted airline tickets, overnight stays, car rentals, upgrades, benefits, etc.

Use a Rewards credit card when booking

If your credit score is enough to qualify, apply for a Travel Rewards credit card and use it when making your reservation. General-purpose travel reward cards earn 2% or more in expenses, while branded travel reward cards dramatically accelerate the progress of loyalty club members toward valuable gifts for example, free flights and nights.