A Complete Guide To Save Money With Gift Cards

Gift cards are a fantastic way to save money. What's not to love? You effectively choose your sale day and any time of the day, once you purchase a gift card for the money worth less than its face value. A big thanks to all reputable sites that you can use your gift cards in sales or during the season of promotions to save even more. There is probably no downside to buying or using gift cards. 

What Are Gift Cards?

A gift card is a prepaid debit card that enables the cardholder to use it for a variety of purchases. It is also known as a gift voucher or gift token. 

How Do Discount Gift Cards Work?

Gift cards are a form of stored-value money which you can use instead of cash to pay for goods and services. It may resemble a credit card, and a specific number or code identifies it. They are fed in an online system for authorization. However, some can be reloaded to be used over and over again. 

They are divided into open loop or closed-loop cards. Both types can be typically used either online or in person. 

Closed-Loop Cards

Closed-loop cards are often used with a specific merchant, either online or at the website. However, a company owns several retailers; it might issue gift cards that are used at any of them. 

They are marketed by stores, enabling the cardholder to buy anything from that particular store. And it does not possess a logo of its processor but of a merchant.

The distinguishing feature of a closed gift card is that it does not require activation fee and it can not be reloaded. Ince the balance is spent it becomes useless. Closed-loop gift cards are common gifts at weddings and baby registries. 

Open-Loop Cards

The open-loop card is the equivalent of cash. It resembles the feature of a credit or debit card. It can be used anywhere, where this card is accepted. 

It is widely used because it can be reloaded, enabling the user to add funds on his own as well. It might require an activation fee which is paid at the time of purchasing the card. 

How To Save Money With Gift Cards?

Whether you are out shopping or just trying to stretch the family budget, using gift cards is an excellent way to spend less and get more. Here are the ways to save money with gift cards:

1. Use Gift Cards As A Present

When giving cash as a gift, the fear of looking stingy compels you, and you end up tucking more money than you can afford into a greeting card. Therefore, gift cards are a favourite holiday or birthday present. And by adding a personal touch in the form of something inexpensive or homemade adds spiritual value to the gift card.

2. Stay Within Your Budget

Overspending is very common while shopping for traditional gifts. Although you have a cash limit in your mind, finding something in a specific range isn't always possible. You can save these extra bucks with a gift card because you can put the exact amount you decided to spend on the card. 

3. Buy Discount Gift Cards To Give

Save money by investing in the discount gift cards the recipient would like to have. Discount gift cards offer discounts with different ranges like 2% on fuelling, 6% on iTunes, or 20% on selective clothing stores. Although you pay less than the face value of the gift card, the recipient will never know and still get the full amount of the gift card to spend.

4. Buy Discount Gift Cards To Use

There is no rule that gift cards can not be used personally. You can save several bucks by investing in the gift cards for personal use. It is wise to buy gift cards beforehand, especially before the national holidays. In this way, you can combine your card purchases with coupons and sales and can save up to 30 to 40%. 

5. Buy Discount Gift Cards Of The Stores You Go On Regular Basis

The most important tip is to purchase the cards beforehand to balance your budget. It will enable you to stretch and stabilize your spending more efficiently. Buy the gift cards that match your budget categories. Start with one area at a time. No matter how much you spend in advance, always devote the amount allotted per week. Keep in mind that some months are longer than others. So always spend accordingly.

Gift cards work as a visual reminder in your wallet. They block you from spending recklessly using a credit card. And trigger you to use those instead of credit cards.

6. Grab 'Buy One, Get One' Gift Card Offers

During national holidays or other gift-giving events, several retailers offer gift card promotions like 'buy one gift card, receive a promotional card for free.' In this way, you can think about upcoming shopping needs and look for ways to take benefits of the offer. You can save money with gift card offers in the following ways:

Quick saving

Regular buying, and

Planned expenses.

7. Keep Track Of The Balance

You should always keep track of the balance in your gift card. A calculated person can save and achieve more. You can either attach the receipt of your purchases or write the amount spent on the back of your card with a permanent marker. It helps you remember what is remaining on the card. However, you can always budget digitally as well. 

8. Stretch Your Cash

If you intend to stretch the allotted amount in your categories, then challenge yourself to stay within the limits of your gift card. Gradually try to lower down the amount you allotted for each type. And to stick to the new limit. In this way, you can save more than before. 

9. Take Baby Steps

If you spend strategically and wait for the sale, you can cash deeper discounts. Certain websites allow users to reap the rewards from purchases with points. And the accumulated points can be used in future purchases as well. Begin with one area of your budget like the grocery store at first. Once you get down to the process smoothly, you can apply the same steps to other stores. 

10. Don't Pay For Shipping

Order a gift card through the website, and you can ditch shipping charges. Always look for a store that doesn't charge for shipping. Or you can send an electronic gift card, a lot of companies offer that as well. A lot of people prefer digital cards because they are relatively easy to use. 

11. Beware Of Scams

Gift card market has its share of scammers. Always be very careful in buying the gift cards from authentic sources. Whether you are buying online or in person, it should be from a well researched and accurate source. 

Where To Find Discounted Gift Cards? 

In today's economic times, gift cards are more practical. It enables the person to buy what he needs or wants. Most importantly, it makes the gift searching process a lot easier.  

Gift cards are an excellent way of meeting minimum spending requirements. Gift cards are available almost everywhere, but discounted gift cards mean paying less than the face value of the card. So, always choose your site wisely and watch your savings add up. You can find discounted gift cards from the following places:

1. Gift Cards From Exchange Sites

These sites sell previously owned gift cards at discounted prices. They only carry merchant-branded options. Few examples of exchange sites are:



Gift card granny

2. Gift Cards On Ebay

There are two ways of buying gift cards on eBay:

Through eBay gift cards store.

Search for gift cards on eBay.

3. Visa Gift Cards

You don't save much on visa gift cards unless an offer pops up to save on the purchase fee. Visa gift cards are easily available on AMERICAN EXPRESS GIFT CARDS.

4. Restaurant Gift Cards

The trend of dining is growing with every passing day. Most restaurants give bonuses and extra incentives for buying their gift cards. The pros of restaurant gift cards are that the recipient is bound to just one venue, make sure it's one of your favourites.

5. Amazon Gift Cards

Amazon carries millions of items in every single category you can think about. It is rapidly gaining popularity due to the best-discounted gift cards they offer. You can find Amazon gift cards through gift card exchange sites as well.

How To Get Free Gift Cards?

There are dozens of ways to get your hands on cheap or even free gift cards. Sign up for the following services and never pay full price for the gift card again:

1. Earn Free Gift Cards On Everyday Purchases

You can easily earn money back from your day-to-day purchases. Everything, including your car insurance, utilities, groceries, or vacations, can earn you cashback in the form of gift cards.

2. Earn Free Gift Cards By Completing Simple Tasks

If you are into the habit of watching TV, playing games or answering random polls, the best-known companies bestow its user's specific points. And these points later can be exchanged to get a gift card. 

3. Product Tube

In this forum, you will receive points if you will share the videos of your daily shopping habits. In this case, you are supposed to film videos in-store and some at home.

4. Earn Free Gift Cards For Completing Surveys

Filling online surveys is the most enjoyable way of earning gift cards. You get several opportunities on different websites to share your personal opinion. For each survey, you earn points.

5. Use Of Shopping Portals

Shopping portal apps and cashback apps enable you to earn points. These points can be redeemed for gift cards.

6. Earn Free Gift Cards As A Mystery Shopper

Several retailers provide opportunities to visit a store, click photos and share personal experience. Each complete assignment helps you earn points. These points are redeemed to get gift cards.

7. Refer Friends To The Services You Like

When we find something outstanding, we share it with the people we love. Referring friends to the services you love can help you earn rewards and gift cards.

8. Earn Free Gift Cards By Recording Your Receipt

Big companies tend to understand shopping trends better, and they are eager to pay for the privilege. Take a picture of your receipt and upload it. It helps you earn gift cards in exchange.

9. Use Instagram To Find Free Gift Cards

Many companies are always giving away free stuff on Instagram. You can quickly enter these giveaways and earn gift cards.

10. Earn Free Gift Cards For Recycling

In countries like America, residents can earn cash for helping the planet. Recyclebank grant points when you do something good for the environment. These points can be exchanged for thousands of goodies.

11. Ask For Free Gift Cards Instead Of Gifts

When it is a gift-giving season or your birthday, people usually ask what you want. You can ask for gift cards to your favourite store.

12. Scan Product Barcodes At Your Local Stores

You can earn points by simply downloading specific applications or simply walking into stores. Once you're inside, you can earn additional kicks by scanning products in the app. These kicks can be exchanged into valuable goodies.

13. Buy And Sell Gift Cards

There are websites where you can buy discounted gift cards and receive more credit towards gift cards as you shop. You can earn more points by simply reading the newspaper or installing the browser extension. 

14. Microsoft Rewards

Microsoft rewards help you earn credit towards your gift cards by using search engines. You can also participate in quizzes and other activities to earn more points.

15. Test Drives

Receiving a gift card in exchange for a test drive is extremely common. Keep browning the manufacturer website for special promotions.


Buying gift cards is an excellent source of saving money. Although a little planning is mandatory to save, and hence free gift cards are well worth the effort. 

Gift cards come with a bundle of benefits, especially by limiting expenses. The only prerequisite is that you should know how much you want to spend in each category and make sure to buy no-fee gift cards.