Top Reasons Why eBooks Are Better Than Print book

eBooks versus text books are a centuries-old debate. There are lots of people who support print books and on other hand many people are also support e-books. The increasing popularity of e-readers and mobile e-reader applications, many readers still prefer physical print books. Electronic books are book publications available in digital format. These books include text, images, or both, and can be read on dedicated electronic reading devices, as well as any device with a controllable display screen, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. However, many readers still prefer printed books to electronic books. The reason is the tactile sensation offered by traditional print media.

Electronic books are instant

With e-books, you don`t even have to leave your home to buy new titles or borrow them from your local library. You can buy them directly from a digital bookstore and instantly download them to your device. Even libraries now offer digital book loans, so you can download titles instantly for free without having to visit the library.

E-books are extra handy than print book

Print books can be very heavy, while more electronic reading books devices are lightweight. It is much simple and easier to carry an eBooks that contains a complete library of titles than to carry even a few printed books. If you`ve finished reading one on your trip, it`s much easier and cheaper. If your collection syncs with a cloud service, you can easily switch to read on your phone if you have more time to kill but have not thought to bring your eReader. If you only buy electronic textbooks, it will be much easier to take them home and go back to class. You can even upload all your books to the phone you already have with you. This allows you to keep your entire library in your pocket, so that your books are available wherever you are.

Shareable Content 

People can share their eBook content with several users. The content of eBook allows sharing and liking, which is not likely with text books. You can share a printed book with one person at a time, but an e-book can be shared with multiple people at the same time. Students and other peoples can utilize this quality to collaborate with their peers.

Affordable in the long term

Some people might think that since it is a new technology and a new device, the cost would obviously be higher than that of printed books. Electronic books are much cheaper than text books. At eBooks there is no need to pre-production. Find out more about Are e-books more affordable than textbooks? No need pocket covers, no need packaging costs, there is no need paper printing, and no shipping. So ultimately it becomes much cheaper than a printed book. When you spend on text books, you can save lots of money and time by investing in e-books. Therefore, e-books are easy to put in your pockets. Unlike printed books, electronic books allow users to interact with content. In a text book, the majority people can do is highlighted or bookmark text. But with e-books, there is much more that can be done, you can customize it to your liking, search for words you don`t understand, listen to the audiobook, watch videos and much more.

E-books take up much less space

Passionate readers tend to collect too many books, which can take up too much space and leave your home cluttered. It is much easier to manage a large digital library than shelves filled with hundreds or thousands of books that you will probably never read.

Ecological option

Electronic books are ecological. Fully eliminates the piece of paper printing process, reducing costs of printing. Around millions of text books are printed every year, using millions of trees. In addition to cutting down trees, it also increases the carbon footprint by transporting raw materials, the production process at the factory, and final shipping. All these processes can be eliminated using electronic books. Therefore, e-books are better for the environment in general.

You can perform global searches and find information quickly

When you search for certain information in a book, you can easily find it with the search function. This saves you time and hassle in searching for something in particular.

Technology will improve

It is an emerging technology and people often take time to change. But as the quality of monitors improves and it becomes more compact and mobile, we will read more and more e-books.

E-books have less carbon footprint

 Manufacturing an electronic reading unit involves higher environmental costs compared to a paper unit, and there are also permanent operating effects. However, a single e-reader can contain any number of e-books, newspapers, and magazines, which means that e-reader users buy fewer print publications. Therefore, you must read this number or more to offset the carbon emissions required for your manufacturing.